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"I remember a time 50 years ago…I was 8 years old lying sick in bed with a fever with my parents at my side. The doorbell rang, my mom left my side and I could hear her gratefully welcoming in my doctor. Despite the fact that just like other kids I too hated and feared doctors but along with that fear was the sense of security that came from being in my own bedroom without other sick strangers around me knowing that I was in good hands.

As I raised two children that memory was simply that, a memory, one I could not duplicate for my kids. But with Dr. Amy Attas from City Pets I have been able to give this gift to my dogs.

Lucy, my 10 year old yellow Labrador, nearly lost her life as a result of mishaps from three different veterinarians. As she was approaching recovery at the Animal Medical Center I was worried about where I was going to find a vet for Lucy’s follow-up care and the future care for her and her sister Velvet, my black lab.

Just as panic was about to set in I overheard a fellow patient at the AMC talking about her vet and how she saved her dog’s life and kept her going after a diagnosis of a serious liver ailment. I knew my problems were solved. I interrupted this person’s discussion and walked out with a very important telephone number.

Just days later Dr. Attas and her assistant arrived at my door. That warm, secure, and loving feeling washed over me as if it were 50 years ago. With what seemed like the whisk of a magic wand Dr. Attas was able to get Lucy’s diabetes in complete control, give the advise that had her quickly put back the weight she had lost over the previous 4 months, and get her liver enzymes back to the normal range. I could see in Lucy’s eyes, as she laid on her bed in her home how secure and peaceful she felt that she was now well taken care of after her long ordeal of mishaps.

Just a couple of more accolades for Dr. Attas and the staff at City Pets…I am able to communicate with the doctor via email with questions to which I get an immediate response. Questions that used to send me to the vet’s office with long waits and big bills are simply answered without me ever leaving my desk with no concurrent charge. And, when Lucy had a recent set back due to a virus Dr. Attas showed up at my door early in the morning to give her fluids and to be sure all was well. That’s not only good medical care, that’s love. "

Robin S. (mother of Lucy and Velvet)

"City Pets not only treats my pets with loving and excellent care, but are very sensitive to me and my concerns. They are by far the best vet service in town!!! And they are always available and make room for us if there is a problem."

Betsy O. 5/2/16

"I am thrilled with the services, compassion and attention my cats receive from Dr Attas and her entire crew. I trust Dr Attas 100%."

Fran B. 5/2/16

"I do not know how to use social media, but please put this note where it can be seen by potential clients.

I simply could not keep a cat were it not for CityPets. Through many many years we have been so very happy to have City Pets take care of our cat(s). This is especially so now since I am a handicapped senior and having City Pets come to our apartment means that my Callie is always well taken care of. Through the years City Pets has helped our much loved cats live to the ripe old age of 17 and 18. Pepper even celebrated a 19th birthday. We attribute much of this to City Pets."

Ruth K. 5/1/16

"Dr. Attas listens to your concerns and explains everything thoroughly."

Lynn M. 4/8/16

"My cat always becomes crazed during veterinary exams. Not this time. Dr. Atlas and her nurse performed essential tests, gave fluids and provided guidance for me on how to handle his kidney failure while keeping him calm. A positive medical experience!"

Benita S. 3/17/16

"Great experience for Archie and myself, thank you!"

Edward K. 3/7/16

"I have found everyone at CityPets to be professional and caring. Dr. Attis and Dr. Dalton have provided my various pets with exemplary care. I hold them in the highest regard and would recommend them without hesitation."

Michelle S. 2/26/16

"On time, professional and Muffin wasn't fearful. Followed up with a call telling me all was normal."

Paul A. 1/17/16

"I loved our doctor. Amy was knowledgeable and had patience. She knew exactly how to help and ended up saving my cats life. I am forever grateful!"

Linda 1/8/16

"Dr. Amy Attas is by far the most knowledgeable and caring veterinarian. Her clinical acumen is second to none. My Yorkshire Terrier, Bogey, and I adore her. Thank you for taking care of us for 5+ years."

Gina R. 12/11/15

"I have trusted City Pets with the care of my much loved cats for many many years. I am grateful for their knowledge and professionalism. It means much to me that such excellent vets make house calls. I am grateful to them."

Ruth Kulerman, Ph.D. 11/28/15

"Both Dr. Dalton and Dr. Attas are compassionate and caring when taking care of our pet Ozzie. I couldn't ask for more competent and understanding vets."

Robert S. 11/9/15

"Many years of experience with the City Pets team's competence and care and guidance have created a trusting relationship. I highly recommend Dr Amy and Dr Danielle and George. Kudos from Freddy and Coco too."

Patty R. 11/7/15

"As one of your earliest clients, WE LOVE YOU GUYS!"

Unsigned 10/31/15

"We always use City Pets for our two cats, Castor and Pollux. The care we receive is consistently excellent. The doctors are thorough and very good about following up with emails or phone calls. We wouldn't use anyone else!"

Arthur T. 10/17/15

"Care was excellent. I have had Carlotta, a resume for 4 years and have not been able to get her to a vet. I am a disabled woman and she panics! So worth the home visit!"

Amy M. 10/17/15

"Kind, compassionate, careful, smart and thoughtful vets and assistants. You can't ask for more!"

Dawn S. 10/11/15

"There simply is no better vet than Dr. Amy anywhere! Warm, caring, instructive and a great diagnostician!"

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