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Highly Rated April 2023

Dr. Attas is the best vet ever. I'm so grateful to have the option of home care for my cats since they are too anxious to physically go to the vet. She and her assistant have been extremely professional and timely in their response. Calling the office gets you a visit almost within 24-48 hours and even quicker if it's a real emergency. It was the least stressful pet visit ever. They set up in your home very quickly and take the time to get to know your cat before they prod them. They always take the time to educate an anxious cat parent and their rates are very reasonable. My cats love them! Thanks so much Dr. Attas!

Paula B. - Facebook Highly Rated

Amy and Jeanine were fantastic, everything was professional and the team was very kind. I’m very happy and my cats too. This experience changed everything for me, I don’t stress myself going out and of course my cats are relax too. Thank you for really love and look after the non-humans animals.

Stevin A.M. - Google Highly Rated

They helped me say goodbye to my beloved pug Cici. They were empathetic throughout the process but, in home, they truly shine. They gave us adequate space and time to process. Explained the whole process and alerted me to portions I might not want to see. They were loving and non-intrusive the whole time. It was a very loving and reverential ceremony. They were without a doubt the right choice to help her across the rainbow bridge.

Angela B. - Yelp Highly Rated

October 2021

"What a unique concept. We are new to the city and while I have a car, finding parking near a vet and having to do it twice for the cat and dog was just a little overwhelming. I emailed for an inquiry and it was a few days later that Jim called to give me more information. He was very thorough and answered the questions I had. The appointment was set for a week out."

"I've got two elder pets that each have special needs. Dr. Attas and Elaine ( Hope I got that right) gave a call when they were 25 minutes away and showed up ready to go. They brought in a couple of bags and cases along with a small scale."

"What a unique concept. We are new to the city and while I have a car, finding parking near a vet and having to do it twice for the cat and dog was just a little overwhelming. I emailed for an inquiry and it was a few days later that Jim called to give me more information. He was very thorough and answered the questions I had. The appointment was set for a week out."

"Both ladies were friendly and made the experience enjoyable. After entering Dr. Attas went through her questionnaire about both animals. They started with my dog and it was interesting to see the blood drawn as I've never seen before. One of the benefits for this vet is they work directly with Blue Pearl Hospital as that is where my dogs oncologist is at. Dr. Attas spoke with him before the appointment and I found that really nice as I already sent over all medical records."

Brittany H. - Google Highly Rated

September 2021

Great service and definitely makes the whole process easier.

Nancy F. - Google Highly Rated

April 2021

Our elderly border collie mix Luna became so nervous during visits to our old vet that we could no longer bear to take her in. We wanted to arrange home visits and were referred to City Pets. The experience could not have been better. Dr. Amy Attas has been so compassionate and kind to us and to our dog. She is responsive to our emails and phone calls, even on weekends and in the evenings. She is very gentle with Luna and brings along with her everything that is needed. When Luna recently had a very bad day, Dr. Attas was there the next morning. I can’t stress enough what a difference it has made to have her there to help us get through this difficult stage of our beautiful dog’s life.

Claudia C. - Google Highly Rated

January 2021

City Pets is made up of the most caring, wonderful professionals in this business. Anywhere. We have used them to assure the ongoing health of our cats for well over 15 years. More, I think. Each and every interaction is in our home - where are pets are safe and calm and - each and every interaction is safe, clear, compassionate and comfortable for all concerned. The other day, Dr Attas had to put down our dear, sweet 19 year old cat, Lilith. I will never forget their care, warmth, kindness and professionalism. You’d be lucky to start your pets getting their care from City Pets.

Emma I. - Google Highly Rated

September 2020

"Dr. Amy, Dr. Dalton, Jeanine, James, Elena and everyone else at CityPets,

Little Lucy and Charlie turn one year old today and we just wanted to thank our favorite vet team for taking such good care of them during this first year. They feel very lucky to have had such a professional and loving medical team (as do I). Thank you for putting up with my many nervous calls / teleconferences / vet appointments / emails!

We will miss you all very much when we move to London, but still a few more months (and many hurdles) to get in lots of care and cuddles with them."

Christine O. - Google Highly Rated

August 2020

"The team at City Pet Vets are wonderful.  Dr. Attas was very compassionate and attentive in helping me manage my pet's diabetes.  She calmly explained how to monitor and treat the condition and was readily available to consult and reassure me as we stabilized the diabetes.  She was even kind enough to connect me with another client that had a diabetic pet, so I could ask some questions.  It is very clear that she cares about the pets and their owners. It is also incredibly convenient to have the services right in your apartment."

Tina H. - Google Highly Rated

May 2020

"It is very difficult to see a veterinarian during the covid quarantine, especially when you are spending your quarantine away from home. My dog became sick for the first time in his six years during this difficult time, and after trying to see a vet in the city as a new patient, I was so fortunate to find city pets. Dr. Attas responded to my request for a consultation right away and was so extremely kind and attentive. You can tell that she truly cares about what she does. Not only was she attentive to my pet’s needs, but she made me feel utterly calm and at peace for what might be the first time since we’ve been social distancing. She is a true healer of animals and people and I will not forget the peace of mind she gave to me."

Michelle L. - Yelp Highly Rated

Manhattan, NY - May 2020

"Having to make the heart-wrenching decision of when to let your sick pet go was the most difficult one I ever made. Her oncologists said it was time, but I didn't want to say good-bye. I knew I couldn't hold on to her for my sake and didn't want her to suffer. Regardless, devastated would be an understatement. City Pets Vets® came to my home and I was able to hold my baby when she took her last breath. They were professional and compassionate. I was able to pay in advance so I didn't have to deal with that at the time and I highly suggest doing that as well."

Nina B. - Yelp Highly Rated

Manhattan, NY - December 2019

"During one of the most difficult times of my life, I could not have asked for a better scenario. I am so glad I reached out to City Pets Vets® for their service in getting my beloved Rosie Lou over the Rainbow Bridge. Dr. Amy and VT Jeanine demonstrated the knowledge, experience and kindness I needed in letting Lou go. I will always be grateful to them and plan on using them in the future for routine care because it is so difficult to find all those qualities in a NYC veterinarian service. Believe me, I've been to a good many of them and the only thing they seem to care about is $$$."

Scooter P. - Yelp Highly Rated

Manhattan, NY - September 2019

"During one of the most difficult times of my life, I could not have asked for a better scenario. I am so glad I reached out to City Pets Vets® for their service in getting my beloved Rosie Lou over the Rainbow Bridge. Dr. Amy and VT Jeanine demonstrated the knowledge, experience and kindness I needed in letting Lou go. I will always be grateful to them and plan on using them in the future for routine care because it is so difficult to find all those qualities in a NYC veterinarian service. Believe me, I've been to a good many of them and the only thing they seem to care about is $$$."

Patsy T. - Yelp Highly Rated

Manhattan, NY - September 2019

"Great Vets, very caring and super competent and smart. I love this service. My dog is old and it's so much less stress for both of us to have the Veterinarians come to our home. The guidance they offer along with the medical care is superb and sensitive. Highly, highly recommend."

Barbara S.- Yelp Highly Rated

New York, NY - September 2019

"City Pets Vets® are amazing. When my dog was ill and our previous vet wasn't treating her properly, I contacted City Vets and they not only found the cause of her illness and treated it properly and promptly, but took my concerns and fears seriously. They always respond to calls and emails quickly and try to make themselves available for a house call as soon as possible. I'm so grateful to have been referred to them. They are truly wonderful."

P T. - Yelp Highly Rated

Manhattan, NY - August 2019

"I was able to get an appointment for the next day, which was awesome! I have two cats that hate their carriers, so City Pets Vets® is perfect and I'm comfortable and confident in Dr. Dalton's care of my boys."

Gail Y. - Yelp Highly Rated

Manhattan, NY - August 2019

"City Pets Vets® has been taking care of all my fur kids for many many years and I trust them in every way. Everyone who works there is kind, compassionate, knowledgeable and doctors are the best in the city. They've helped in the best of circumstances and the worst of times. I wouldn't choose anyone else for my kids!"

Wendy C. - Yelp Highly Rated

New York, NY - August 2019

"I cannot imagine anyone else taking care of my babies. I have 15-year-old cats, and this team has helped me keep them healthy. The care and thoughtfulness the team shows are extraordinary. Yes, it will cost more, but the service is A+. If you are able to, why wouldn't you give your pets this level of treatment? "

Liz L.- Yelp Highly Rated

Manhattan, NY - March 2019

"As a first time puppy owner, I needed a lot of help. Thank goodness one of my friends recommended City Pets Vets®. Over the past 8 months they've really been there for me -- providing support and guidance that I trust. I've had 2 separate occasions where they've worked me into their busy schedule last minute just to make sure that everything was ok with my puppy. It's very clear they really care about their patients... and nervous new moms!"

Steve G.- Yelp Highly Rated

Manhattan, NY - January 2019

"This is a great service. The vets come to your home and can perform many of the tests that are done in the office. Follow up care is also excellent. The vets are knowledgeable and professional. We choose to use this service because it saves our cats the stress of going to the vet and it saves us from having to endure a dozen scratches trying to get them into their carriers."

Angelina Q.- Google Highly Rated

Manhattan, NY - January 2019

"Amazing!!! I had to say goodbye to my beloved pet today. They were so professional and sympathetic through the entire process. It's never easy to say goodbye to a fur baby. I was touched that they were even sympathetic to the other pets in my home and their feelings of the loss of their fur brother. Thank you for making a difference."

Peter N.- Yelp Highly Rated

Manhattan, NY - December 2018

"We had an emergency with our black and white cat. She was in acute pain and impossible to handle. We could not get her in the bag. Her condition became painful. So, I searched for a vet who could visit. City Pets Vets® was the top search result. They are easy to work with and give a window of arrival updated an hour or less before arrival. The cost of blood panels and visit to the home was well within the normal fee from brick and mortar veterinary services. City Pets Vets®, also contacted the hospital our cat had to stay in to discuss blood results. City Pets Vets® provides an economical home service for sick pet and owner. We no longer have to traumatize our pets to travel to see a vet. City Pets Vets® offers a full service right at home. Simply, City Pets Vets® is the best veterinarian service in NYC."

Rebecca.- Yelp Highly Rated

Manhattan, NY - December 2018

"My dog is 9 years old and in great health - due to City Pets Vets®. The experience and responsiveness of the vets is phenomenal. My dog has had a range of health-related issues - from food allergies to a heart murmur. City Pets Vets® calmly talks me through the approach we should take to manage the symptoms and my dog is unfazed in the low-stress environment of our home. City Pets Vets® have always looked after my dog so they notice changes throughout the years and are committed to her health and happiness."

Whendy C.- Yelp Highly Rated

Manhattan, NY - November 2018

"Dr. Attas has a genuine love of animals and handled my elderly cats better than some people doctors have handle my own children and me. She is sensitive to every aspect of my cats' well-being. City Pets Vets® is the way to go if you care about your cat and understand the stress they experience each time they are moved or transported. I promise you will thank the "vet gods" for this extraordinary team. As far as I am concerned City Pets Vets® is leagues above every other option."

Whendy C.- Yelp Highly Rated

Manhattan, NY - November 2018 (Updated Review)

"City Pets Vets® is so wonderful. I would not trust the care and treatment of my pets to anyone else. I have been using them for over 20 years and have always had the best of care for my babies. I recommend them highly!!"

Manhattan, NY - November 2018 (Previous Review)

"I have been with City Pets Vets® for years. Doctors Amy Attas and Danielle Dalton are amazing. I wouldn't trust the health and care of my cat with anyone else!"

Manhattan, NY - November 2018 (Previous Review)

"City Pets Vets® is wonderful. The care my pets get is unsurpassable. I highly recommend using them. I wouldn't trust my pets to anyone else. Dr. Attas and Dr. Dalton are caring and understand how important my babies are to me. Dr. Attas has been my vet for 30 years."

Jennifer- Google Highly Rated

Manhattan, NY - August 2018

"Dr. Amy and the team are incredible. The care that they show for my golden retriever makes us feel that they are part of our extended family, not just our doctors. They pay attention to the smallest details to make sure that our pup gets the best end-to-end care whether treatment of her allergies, prepping her for her spay, making sure her ear infections are treated easily, or ensuring her food and toys are the best possible choice. They listen to our lifestyle and make veterinary recommendations based on our dog's personality and environment. Whether answering emails whenever we have the smallest concern to the wagging tail when they arrive at the door, I feel confident that we are making the best medical choice for our baby."

A Williams- Google Highly Rated

July 2018

"Visiting when my dog with cancer became ill. These folks were absolutely wonderful, saved the day, and I am deeply grateful."

Erin R.- Google Highly Rated

Manhattan, NY - May 2018

"Amy Attas and her team are exceptional!! The best!"

Michaela- Google Highly Rated

April 2018

"Dr. Amy Attas saved Yoda's life! Yoda is our 8-year old French Bulldog and he had a terrible experience at another vet in the West Village - we almost lost him at a dental appointment gone wrong!! Dr. Attas was referred to us by a friend. Shortly after Dr. Attas started her house calls at our apartment, Yoda wasn't eating regularly and she noticed Yoda's blood work was abnormal. We took Yoda straight away to Blue Pearl after Dr. Attas called to warn us that this was an urgent matter. Dr. Attas has relationships with the doctors at Blue Pearl and she was able to follow up with them directly. Yoda wouldn't be here if Dr. Attas hadn't caught this abnormal blood work early on. Yoda had an emergency surgery to remove a portion of his liver and his gallbladder which would have ruptured in the imminent future. This is often caught after the fact with dogs, when it's too late!! She's been great with Yoda and always follows up! Not to mention she comes to us so we don't have to Uber Yoda around! Couldn't recommend City Pets Vets® more!!"

Felicia L.- Yelp Highly Rated

March 2018

"I was referred to City Pets Vets® and Dr. Amy by a friend at work. Our dog had been limping for several days and it got worse one morning and sent me into a complete panic. I called the office and they could not have been any nicer. Polite, thorough, and beyond accommodating. Dr. Amy fit Maisy into her schedule THE SAME day. She came to our place, spent time with Maisy, figured out what was going on and Maisy is on the mend. I am on the mend as well as it brought my stress level down immediately knowing that Maisy was going to be examined the same day and be on the road to recovery shortly there after. This is SUCH a great find and we will absolutely use them again (and again!). I've already recommended them to two friends!"

Ariana G. - Yelp Highly Rated

November 2017

"Dr. Amy Attas and the vet tech, Jeanine Lunz, were extremely professional and efficient. I woke up in the morning to find my cat with a swollen eye and was desperately trying to get her to a vet to get her checked out. Unfortunately, my cat hates being in a carrier and we couldn't get in one to take her to a vet. I called City Pets Vets® and they were able to come by within 2 hours of my call and although my cat is skittish, they were able to expertly handle and diagnose her. They also took the time to show me how I should handle her so I can more easier apply the medication to her.
A few days I called City Pets Vets® to ask a question about my cat's condition, and Dr. Attas promptly called me back and answered my questions.
I appreciate the level of service and professionalism and highly recommend them. It is expensive, but it is comforting to know you are getting quality care."

C. G.- Yelp Highly Rated

August 2017

"Dr. Amy Attas and Dr. Danielle Dalton are the best! Their assistants are also wonderful. When my elderly cat was dying, Amy and Danielle could not have been more caring and supportive. And now with my new cat, they offer great care and guidance. I know my cat is in the best possible hands with them, what more could a pet owner want?"

Amy K. - Google Highly Rated

June 2017

"I have only positive things to say about Dr. Amy Attas and everyone else at City Pets Vets®, and I couldn't recommend them more highly. After my elderly Maltese, Darwin, was diagnosed with pretty advanced cancer, there wasn't much that I could do other than make him as comfortable as possible for the remaining weeks of his life. Being a first-time pet owner, I felt like I needed extra support in taking care of him, and I also wanted to find a vet who could come to my home. I found City Pets Vets® online, and they were extremely reassuring and responsive. Sandra was helpful and kind during my initial call, and Dr. Attas was persistent in calling me back when I missed several phone calls. During their visit, Dr. Attas and Carida were incredibly helpful in giving me suggestions to keep Darwin comfortable and eating. Later, Dr. Dalton was patient enough to have a lengthy conversation with me when I was trying to assess whether to put Darwin to sleep, and when the time came to say goodbye, Dr. Attas and Jeanine were kind, compassionate, and respectful. They helped made a difficult act as peaceful and loving as possible. A very big thank you to everyone at City Pets Vets®."

Elise D.- Yelp Highly Rated

March 2017

"Excellent team cannot find better in NY , they took care of all my pets since 20 years."

Vivien D.- Yelp Highly Rated

March 2017

"City Pets Vets® is the finest house call vet group in the NYC area. We have been fortunate enough to have dealt with them for a number of years and have never been let down. Dr. Amy and Dr. Danielle are not only fine vets but caring and wonderful people."

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