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In Home Pet Vaccinations

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City Pets™ does house calls to keep your pets up to date on their vaccinations. Puppies and kittens are vaccinated on a monthly schedule until they are over four months of age when their immune systems can adequately respond to the vaccines. Following the final puppy or kitten booster we visit you annually for adult dogs and cats but it is not necessary to vaccinate them each year. If your pet lives strictly indoors, we will discuss the best vaccination protocol with you. There is no one size fits all vaccine recommendation.  

It is City Pets™ philosophy that pets receive the least number of vaccines Rabies vaccinations are required by New York State law for all pets regardless of whether they go outside or not. We do recommend that even indoor pets be vaccinated so that they are fully protected in the event that of a future hospitalization that might be needed for a treatment that cannot be given at home. There is potential for exposure to other animals in the hospital who might have medical conditions that can be prevented with vaccinations.  

We always tailor your pet's vaccinations to be the least number of shots required to keep them healthy. If your pet has certain needs, call us and we will customize the vaccinations for them. We are especially interested in your pet's travel plans, whether they visit "doggy day care" or boarding facilities, go to dog or cat shows or whether your indoor cat in Manhattan enjoys outside time in the country. Always let us know anything that you do with your pet that might be out of the ordinary so that we can do our best to keep them healthy.


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