Pet Seizures

House Call Treatment for Pet Seizures in Manhattan, NY

It is a terrifying experience to see your pet suffer from a seizure. Seizures are a sign of a serious medical problem. The underlying cause of the seizure must be diagnosed and then your pet must be treated to decrease the frequency and severity of the seizures. Your pet’s health could be at risk if you do not get prompt diagnosis and care for seizures. You should arrange a house call if your pet has had a seizure.  If your pet is suffering from very frequent or a prolonged seizure you should immediately take your pet to an emergency veterinary hospital. City Pets in Manhattan, NY, is a 5-star veterinary house call practice that will help get your pet the treatment it needs to live a long and healthy life. We are here to talk with you about pet seizures and how to treat them. 

Pet Seizures

What Are Pet Seizures?

Pet seizures are due to bursts of electrical activity that overwhelm the brain and cause it to malfunction. Neurons use electricity to communicate and pass messages to the brain, but too much stimulation can result in seizures. The most common cause of seizures is epilepsy.  Both dogs and cats can get epilepsy. Certain breeds of dogs are more likely than others to develop epilepsy.  Other conditions can cause seizures, such as a metabolic imbalance, a liver problem, toxins and brain tumors.  A full neurologic exam, blood tests and sometimes imaging such as CT or MRI are required for a definitive diagnosis.  The veterinarians at City Pets will help you get to the underlying diagnosis and treatment.

Our in-home veterinary team will explain the treatment so that you can improve the health and comfort of your dog or cat.

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