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City Pets Vets®  is Manhattan’s premier home veterinary practice. Founded by Dr. Amy Attas upon her vision that Manhattan’s dogs and cats should receive the highest quality veterinary care in the comfort of their own homes, Dr. Amy and her team have provided medical care for thousands of New York City’s pet cats and dogs and their families since 1992.

Dr. Amy graduated from the School of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania and she now serves on the School’s Board of Overseers. After graduation, she was selected for a highly sought-after internship at the Animal Medical Center and spent four years in a Manhattan veterinary practice (occasionally doing house calls). In 1992, she founded City Pets Vets®, the House Call Vets, providing ease and comfort for pets and their families while having quality veterinary care delivered directly to the home.

City Pets Vets®’s  core values rely on providing a wholistic approach to the patient’s entire well-being. This includes building a close relationship with the pet’s families, to whom we are always available, and also providing them with clear and timely communication about their pet’s health and our recommendations.

We engage the appropriate specialist veterinarians when that is required (determined by their appropriate professional expertise), and in such cases City Pets Vets® continues its management of the pet’s care even after they are admitted to a specialty hospital.

Dr. Danielle Dalton, as dedicated a veterinarian as you will find, joined City Pets Vets®  in 2002, and she and Dr. Amy work as a close team. At the end of each day they discuss all their patients so that both are fully up to date on each patient’s care. This way, you can always feel comfortable seeing or speaking with either one of them about your pet.

Likewise, City Pets Vets® Vets’  two excellent nurses, Carida Fernandez and Jeanine Lunz, have been part of the City Pets Vets® team for 20 and 11 years, respectively. Each brings excellent ‘animal sense’ and extraordinary dedication to their work.

Combined, the City Pets Vets® team, working closely together, has 77 years of Manhattan veterinary house call experience (!), and very proudly it has consistently provided the highest level of veterinary professionalism and dedication to their patients, the dogs and cats of Manhattan.

City Pets Vets®  is also proud that Dr. Amy has been called by a major publication New York City’s ‘top veterinarian’, has won awards from the New York Veterinary Society and has been the subject of books, newspaper stories and magazine articles. But most importantly, the entire team is proud of the quality veterinary care that we provide to our thousands of patients in their own homes, many of whom we have cared for their whole lives.

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