Arthritis In Pets

When your pet has arthritis or even if you are concerned it may have arthritis, you should consult your veterinarian to help you diagnose and manage this condition. If you are in Manhattan, NYC, City Pets Vets®'s house call practice provides an in-home veterinary appointment to examine your pet in its own environment, which is so important for determining and managing arthritis.

Arthritis In Pets

What Is Arthritis in Pets?

Like humans, pets can develop arthritis when they are middle-aged to elderly. This condition is also called degenerative joint disease, as it is the joints that become unstable. When this happens, the bones start to move within the joint in a way that is abnormal, and this movement can then erode the cartilage that protects the joints and creates a barrier between the two bones. As cartilage erodes, the bones can then rub directly together and cause pain and inflammation, which can create multiple problems for the pet.

Most importantly, arthritis can cause your pet's quality of life to go downhill quickly. City Pets Vets® can help. 

Signs of Arthritis in Pets

There are a number of symptoms that may indicate arthritis is affecting your pet.

  • In a dog or a cat, limping is a likely sign that your pet may have arthritis.
  • You may notice that your pet is generally slowing down. Generally a more sedentary behavior can be an indicator of arthritis.
  • Your dog may stop running up the stairs or jumping on your bed; and your cat may have a harder time climbing or jumping.
  • Cats may have a hard time getting in their litter box and start urinating or defecating outside the litter box.
  • Other signs may include dogs panting more because they are in pain.
  • Your pet may need more rest time after playing.

As you can see, it is a good idea to notice any changes in your pet's behavior and report them to your veterinarian so that you can keep on top of their health. 

Have a City Pets Veterinarian Come to Your Home for Pet Arthritis Issues

City Pets veterinarians are skilled at understanding the behavior of pets in their own homes, which may provide them the clues needed to help diagnose and treat arthritis. That is one of the great benefits of house calls. Another, of course, is that a pet with arthritis most certainly doesn't want to take a walk or cab to an animal hospital.

So, keep your pet comfortable by having City Pets Vets® come to your Manhattan, NYC home.  Call us at (212) 581-7387 (212-581-PETS) to schedule a City Pets Vets® appointment to care for your pet in the comfort of your home.

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