Arthritis In Pets

City Pets™ Offers Help for Pets with Arthritis

Like people, animals experience normal wear and tear on their joints and spine that can lead to the pain and stiffness of osteoarthritis. The condition can have a significant impact on your pet’s quality of life and function. At City Pets™, The House call Vets, in New York City, NY, we offer treatment for pet arthritis for greater comfort and mobility.


Understanding Osteoarthritis in Pets

Arthritis is generally related to age. Wear and tear from everyday movement can lead to damage of the structures within the joints that result in inflammation and poor function. Previous injury to the joints or spine can also lead to arthritis symptoms.

Symptoms of Arthritis in Pets

You may notice your pet is less active than he was in his younger days. He may be reluctant to go for long walks or may not want to play as vigorously as before. He may have difficulty going up stairs or jumping onto the sofa. Dogs may groan or yelp when getting up from a lying position. Both cats and dogs may lick at the painful areas of their bodies. Less exercise can lead to weight gain, which can cause other health problems.

Diagnosis of Arthritis

Our vet will take a medical history and give your pet a thorough physical exam, noting any abnormality in his bones and joints, as well as any difficulty moving or signs of discomfort your pet may exhibit. An x-ray will provide an image of the bones and joints within in the body. If needed, our vet may also take some blood for testing to detect inflammation. Based on these tests, an accurate diagnosis of arthritis can be made.

Treatment of Pet Arthritis

Our veterinarian can provide specially formulated medications to reduce inflammation in your pet’s joints and relieve discomfort. Laser therapy is a technology that uses laser light to stimulate healing deep within the tissues of the body and has shown promising results when used to treat arthritis pain. Physical therapy can help to improve your pet’s range of motion and flexibility. In some cases, we may refer you to a veterinary orthopedic surgeon for surgery to improve your pet’s mobility and quality of life.

Make City Pets™ Your Veterinarian in New York City

Dr. Attas and Dr. Dalton are committed to providing the highest quality veterinary care for pets in New York City, NY. We specialize in providing in-home care for pets, including examinations, vaccinations, wellness care, sick animal care, microchipping, senior animal care, and travel certificates. Call City Pets™, The House call Vets, today at 212-581-7387 for an appointment to learn about today’s treatments for pets with arthritis.

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