Safe House Calls

City Pets Vets® is Safely Doing House Calls During COVID-19

Dr. Amy Back At Work

We have new, careful safety protocols to protect you, your pets and our City Pets Vets® team. We are available to visit your home to care for your pet’s wellness, routine health and vaccination needs, as these are the essential elements for maintaining your pet’s overall health. 

We have spent many hours researching the safest way to make veterinary home visits in the face of Covid-19 --from reviewing American Veterinary Medical Association and CDC guidelines to understanding New York State’s requirements and advice, as well as to working with veterinary schools like Cornell and Penn -- and we know that we can do this safely. 

We intend to take all measures necessary to conduct our practice safely for everyone, even while we strive to provide you the highest standard of compassionate veterinary care in the comfort of your own home that you expect and deserve from City Pets Vets®. 

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