Coughing & Sneezing

What to Do When Your Pet Struggles with Coughing & Sneezing

Life in New York City can be a lot of fun, but having a pet makes everything even better. You take care of your furry friend, and you’re always keeping an eye on their health. That’s why coughing and sneezing can make you a little nervous. We see plenty of both at City Pets Vets®, so we wanted to take a minute to help you address these problems. Sneezing and coughing can vary in severity, and they can come from a wide range of sources. We want to help you understand what to look for and expect in dealing with these symptoms.

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When Coughing & Sneezing Merit a Vet Call

Coughs and sneezes are pretty common in pets — especially dogs and cats. They get sick and develop allergies just like people. The way to know if coughing or sneezing is a problem is to know your pet. If the coughing or sneezing is persistent, or if you can tell that your pet is in distress, go ahead and make that veterinarian appointment. It could be a chronic issue with a simple solution. It could be something more serious. The only way to be sure is to let the expert take a look and help your furry friend find some relief.

What Will the Veterinarian Do?

Diagnosing coughing and sneezing is a case-by-case scenario. The vet will start by getting a patient history from you. We’ll need to know how long the symptoms have been present, and we’ll ask accompanying questions to try to narrow down the problem. For coughing, a few common tests can include a chest x-ray, ultrasound or analysis of chest fluids. In some cases, an endoscopy may prove useful. We’ll be looking for fluid buildup, and we may also test for infections. Once the source of the cough is identified, the treatment can range from antibiotics to aggressive fluid removal. 

Sneezing is handled in a similar manner. In some cases, we may find it necessary to culture the fluids, but examination of the nose and chest is fairly common. Ultimately, we need to find if the sneezing is coming from an infection, allergies or something else. As soon as we find that problem, the treatments can range from antihistamines to antibiotics. 

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