Diabetes Treatment in Manhattan, NY

Animals like humans can get diabetes. It is a serious disease and the symptoms need to be recognized so that it can be diagnosed and treated.  Just as with humans, pet diabetes can be successfully managed once diagnosed, and it is something our NYC veterinary team can help with. A “veterinarian near me” on our house call team at City Pets in Manhattan, NY, is here to help with your pet in the comfort of your home.

Pet Diabetes

Understanding Pet Diabetes

Pet diabetes is a health condition that occurs when a pet's body is unable to appropriately regulate its blood sugar levels, leading to high blood sugar and the complications which result from that. There are two types of diabetes that can impact the pets we see when we perform Manhattan house calls for our furry clients, appropriately called Type One Diabetes and Type Two.

Signs and Symptoms of Pet Diabetes

Early diagnosis is a good way to help ensure a positive outcome, including a long life, for a pet with diabetes. Some of the symptoms for pet owners to be aware of include:

●             Excessive thirst: Pets that excessively drink water, especially in the absence of exercise, may be showing an early sign of pet diabetes.

●             Frequent urination: Pets that drink a lot also need to urinate more frequently, so this is also a common sign of pet diabetes.

●             Lethargy: Any behavioral changes, including a sudden lack of energy, are often a sign of an underlying medical issue. Lethargy is commonly an early sign of pet diabetes.

●             Increased hunger without weight gain: Diabetes impacts how a body absorbs nutrition, so that if your pet starts eating more but doesn’t show any signs of weight gain, this too may be an indicator of diabetes.

Managing Pet Diabetes

Once City Pets’ NYC house call veterinary team has diagnosed diabetes in a pet, we can start on a treatment and management plan. Diabetes management can be done at home, and it often includes one or more of the following:

●             Dietary changes: There are specialty foods tailored for pets with diabetes.

●             Medication: Like humans, insulin injections and oral medications may be recommended to help the body regulate blood sugar levels.

●             Latest Technology: Recently an important advanced in diabetes management for humans has been introduced for pets, and this is a small, painless blood sucrose level monitor which enables us to adjust the needed medication very accurately. City Pets was an early adopter of this useful technology.

●             Lifestyle adjustments: Your City Pets Vets® will discuss with you during your house call different lifestyle changes you can make to improve the health outcome for your pet.

Get Pet Diabetes Treatment from a City Pets

House Call Vet in Your Own Home

If you are worried about your pet's health and concerned that your pet may have signs of diabetes, call City Pets’ friendly Manhattan veterinarians to schedule your veterinary house call visit so we can help. City Pets is your pet’s personal doctor. Call us at (212) 581-7387 for pet care from a “veterinarian near me” in Manhattan, NY.

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