Pet Laser Therapy FAQs

Pet laser therapy can help your cat or dog recover from a number of health issues. If you’re unfamiliar with this veterinary treatment, these FAQs from City Pets in Manhattan in NYC provide greater insight into the benefits of therapeutic laser treatments for pets.

What does pet laser therapy entail?

A therapeutic laser is a small, highly-technical device that looks and for all intents and purposes acts like a flashlight. It omits high intensity, cool light that passes through the animal’s skin. While one avoids eye contact with the light, the light is not at all painful or harmful. To the contrary, its warm feeling often makes a pet so comfortable that they fall asleep during the treatment session, which can last up to a few minutes.

During a laser therapy session, our NYC vet passes the hand-held laser over areas of your pet’s body. The light emanating from the laser helps relieve pain and stimulates blood flow. As a result, it stimulates cell growth and repair through a process called phot biomodulation to promote quicker healing of pet injuries.

What afflictions can be treated with pet laser therapy?

Pet laser therapy can be used to treat such conditions as arthritis, joint, hip and spinal pain, ligament tears, wounds and lacerations, muscle sprains and even fractures. If your pet suffers from arthritis, it can benefit from in-home laser therapy sessions from City Pets’ Manhattan vets. Our veterinarians may also use laser therapy to promote quicker healing of surgical incisions.

How long does each laser session last and how many sessions does my pet need?

The duration and quantity of laser therapy sessions depends on the type of condition your pet has and its severity. A typical session lasts between 5 and 15 minutes. Some pets experience pain relief an healing after just one or two sessions, while others a course of treatment to obtain lasting results. For the convenience for you and your pet, our NYC veterinarians make house calls and perform the cold laser therapy in the comfort of your home. 

Is pet laser therapy painful?

When performed by a qualified veterinarian or veterinary nurse, pet laser therapy is completely safe and pain-free and, as noted earlier, is even relaxing to the dog or cat because of the warm, gentle light.

Many pets even fall asleep during their veterinary session.

What are the benefits of pet laser therapy?

Pet laser therapy is highly effective in relieving musculoskeletal pain from arthritis, spinal issues, joint issues, sprains and strains, and other musculoskeletal injuries. Laser light promotes the release of “feel good” endorphins in your pet’s body which helps relieve stress and pain. Laser therapy also improves blood circulation, decreases inflammation, and stimulates cell repair to help your pet recover quicker from injury. This affordable, non-invasive treatment can be performed in your home.

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