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In home pet exams in Manhattan, NY. We will come to your home to help your pet.

City Pets Vets®’ veterinarians are equipped to do a full physical examination on your cat or dog in the comfort of  your home. Before we even start the exam, we like to hear more specific details about your pet. It is helpful to know about your pet’s appetite and water drinking, exactly what your pet is eating, where they travel to outside of New York City, any medication or supplements they are taking and any changes in their physical appearance, behavior or general health.  Then we will perform a full exam which includes inspection of eyes, ears, the oral cavity, auscultation (listening to) of the heart and lungs, palpation (feeling) of the internal organs of the abdominal cavity, an orthopedic review and examination of the skin, coat and nails. 

Any problems will be pointed out to you and then further diagnosed or corrected while we are there. Dirty ears will be cleaned and long nails cut. We recommend that all pets have a full physical examination once a year until they reach their more senior years when it is prudent to have an exam twice yearly. Our pets age more quickly than we do so we recommend a wellness check up twice yearly for dogs over the age of 10 and cats over the age of 13. We feel that blood tests and a urine analysis are part of a mature pet's check up so that any problems can be detected and treated as early as possible. We recommend a fecal analysis and a test for giardia on all pet's feces once a year or whenever they have abnormal stool. Of course, a pet of any age should be examined whenever s/he is feeling sick or acting abnormally. 

If your pet has diarrhea, remember to save a sample for us in a plastic container for fecal analysis. 

City Pets Vets® reminds you to be vigilant. Any time that there is a change in your pet's appetite, water drinking, a weight gain or weight loss, a difference in behavior or energy level, we should be alerted. These changes are the way our pets let us know when things are out of balance. If there is a medical problem, the sooner we are alerted, the faster we make the diagnosis and start treatment.

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