Pet Ear Infections

City Pet Vets serves New York City. We are provide unique veterinary services as we make house calls! If your sweet pup or loving kitty has a foul odor coming from its ears and is constantly scratching them, there is most likely an ear infection present. An animals ears are dark and cavernous so it is no surprise that they are the perfect breeding ground for moisture to accumulate.


Recognizing the Signs

Most people know if there is a smell you can't handle coming from the ears or if your pet is scratching the ears uncontrollably, there is something wrong. However, there could be other signs. These include:

  • Shaking the head or rubbing it on the floor
  • Whining or crying
  • Hot, red or painful when touched
  • Balance issues
  • Ear discharge
  • In severe cases, paralysis of the face

Why Do Animals Get Ear Infections?

  • The folds, deep canals and narrowed openings of an animal's ears can retain moisture causing yeast infections.
  • Allergies to grass, flowers, trees, pesticides and foods can lead to irritation which then turns into an infection.
  • Ear mites, which are very contagious, can irritate and infect your baby's ears.
  • Foreign objects that become lodged in the ear such as plant seeds, hair and wax will create aggravation that, if left untreated will become an infection.
  • Endocrine disorders affect many areas of the body including the ears.
  • Trauma, tumors and polyps can cultivate a situation for germs to grow and multiply. Regular cleaning and treatment of the ears is advised for animals with growths of any type.

Most ear problems can be resolved easily; however, some pets experience chronic ear issues just like children. If a dog or cat has repeated ear infections, the veterinarian may decide to do surgery. Most likely, antibiotics, creams or sprays will be used as surgery is always a last resort. Continued infections can cause damage to the ear or even deafness. In chronic cases, the doctor will partner with you to determine what the best course of action is to protect your baby's ears.

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