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Important Information to City Pets’ Clients Regarding
Our Practice During the Coronavirus Outbreak

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The Situation. City Pets, as you all know, is deeply committed to the health and well-being of its cat and dog patients. That has been our core value for nearly thirty years. At the same time, we are as committed to the well-being of our clients – and also to that of the dedicated City Pets staff, whose away-teams, as you know, visit dozens and dozens of homes in Manhattan each week in order to care for our patients.

Further, we have found in the midst of the anxiety and safety measures stemming from the COVID-19 spread, City Pets has been inundated with email and phone queries and requests from clients. We understand the need to connect with your pet’s vets and the worry about how best to do so.

The Change. So, in this time of a unique and serious public health emergency, City Pets – known for its in-home veterinary care -- is forced to make some temporary changes in the way we deliver our veterinary care. City Pets will not be making house calls during the period of the Coronavirus crisis, commencing March 16, but we will still be caring for our cat and dog patients.

Our plan is to follow the growing example of our human medicine counterparts and do as much of what we can do by telemedicine. Of course, not being able to run our hands along our dog and cat patients is not our preference, but we will use our long experience and our knowledge of our patients; will listen carefully to what you, our clients, tell us about them; and, finally, we will use technological aids such as video teleconferencing to permit us to see our patients in real time over the internet.

Emergencies and specialty situations will still be cared for at recommended facilities. And on-going treatments will be addressed on a case-by-case basis with the goal of minimizing person-to-person interaction while still providing the highest quality veterinary care possible.

The New Process. Here are the important points of the new process:

  • City Pets’ doctors will have telemedicine schedules roughly on the same schedule as were our house call schedules, with phone appointments running from 8:30 AM to the end of day, Monday - Friday.
  • In order to schedule an appointment with a doctor, please telephone the City Pets office as you normally would at 212.581.7387 (PETS).
  • For our telemedicine appointments, we will be using a easy internet service called Free Conference Call which will enable you to speak with us and actually show us your pets. You do not need to download anything to use this; all you need is your phone of any make or an iPad (phones and iPads are best since you can move them around easily) or a computer, as long as the devices have a camera.
  • The way this works is that after making an appointment, you will receive an email from City Pets inviting you to a scheduled meeting, which is your appointment.
    • In the email there’s a simple clickable link to “join a meeting” at the time of your scheduled appointment.
    • You simply click that link and then follow the prompts; your device should open into an internet screen managed by Free Conference Call.
    • You might have to click on the image of a video camera at the top of the screen to authorize your device to use its camera.
    • You will be then able to see the doctor, and the doctor will be able to see your pet if your phone or computer camera is positioned properly. Try to do this in a spot where this is good light shining on your pet.
  • You may also send by email in advance of the appointment very current photos and/or videos to [email protected] of your pet (and of any specific condition or complaint) so that the doctor can review them before the telemedicine appointment.
  • We recommend you familiarize yourself in advance of your appointment with using Free Conference Call ( on your phone, iPad or camera-equipped computer.
  • The duration of the consultations will be roughly the same as a normal house call visit, and they will be charged at a reduced rate from the house call fee and billed as usual.
  • If you need supplies or medicines, please telephone the City Pets office at 212.581.7387 (PETS), and they will be packaged and made available to you for you to pick up at the City Pets administrative office at 50 West 57th Street between 5th and 6th Avenues. Unfortunately, because of the temporary cessation of house calls, delivery is not possible.
  • Food orders for home delivery may still be placed on-line through the “Going Shopping” Link on our website.

In Sum. I hope you see that City Pets remains completely dedicated to the health and well-being of your pets and will be doing all that is safely possible to that end. As a reminder, you should regularly check the City Pets website for the most current information regarding pets and the Coronavirus,

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please write us at [email protected] or call the office at 212.581.7387 (PETS). Remember to wash your hands very often and avoid crowded places. It’s probably also good common sense to keep your pets away from other pets and people, as well.

And remember, just touching your pet reduces stress, so we should all be grateful for our furry family members.

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