Quality Care for Your Senior Pet

If you have a senior pet at home, a veterinary house call visit may be best for you. City Pets the House Call Vets serves all of Manhattan, from the Upper East Side to the Lower East Side and Chelsea, Flatiron and the Upper West Side in between. We provide the highest quality, compassionate, in-home veterinary services to give your senior pets the care they need while remaining comfortable in their own home.

An At Home Vet Exam for Senior Pets

A senior pet – one that is at least 7 years old -- should be seen by a veterinarian at least twice a year, as senior pets have different needs than do younger pets, much like older people do. So, to help manage your senior pet’s age-related conditions and remain healthy and comfortable, an in-home wellness exam every six months is recommended.

Why Routine Wellness Exams for Senior Pets Are Vital

Your senior pet is not going to be able to tell you what might be wrong specifically, and this is why it is so important to have in-home wellness exams more frequently when your pet is older. In-home veterinary exams by City Pets doctors – who know your pets and know how and where they live -- are not only convenient but medically beneficial, as the knowledge, we glean by visiting them at home is often very useful to both diagnosis and care.

Additional Care Needs for Senior Pets

Senior pets have a higher risk of developing age-related diseases that can be better managed when found early. For example, if your senior pet has early signs of diabetes, arthritis or other common diseases, early intervention is important. Plainly, when senior pets get the care they need, they will have more energy and even healthier, longer and happier lives. Additionally, City Pets doctors can determine during in-home examinations if your senior pet needs any special in-home accommodations to keep them healthy and safe.

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City Pets the House Call Vets provides at-home veterinary care for pets in all of Manhattan, from the Upper East Side and Upper West Side to Chelsea, Flatiron, the East and West Village and even FiDi. Call City Pets the House Call Vets today at (212) 581-7387 to set up an in-home exam with our house call veterinarians.

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