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City Pets The House Call Vets in New York Provides In-Home Pet Exams

Keeping Manhattan’s dogs and cats happy and healthy is what we do at City Pets The House Call Vets in New York, NY. Pet wellness starts with a well-rounded preventative exam, followed by regularly-scheduled follow up exams. We recommend that all pets have a regular, annual physical exam to ensure the quality of their health on a continual basis. Many diseases and illnesses are best treated through early detection and prompt treatment.

Our in-home veterinary services offer the most comprehensive, state-of-the-art lab testing equipment to ensure the accuracy of both blood and lab work. Our mobile units are equipped with everything we need to ensure your pet gets the best in at-home medical treatment. Our at-home vet exam services extend to all of Manhattan, including the Upper East Side and the Upper West Side of Manhattan; Chelsea; Midtown; Greenwich Village and even the Financial District.

What to Expect During a Routine Exam? 

At your pet’s initial visit, one of our in-home, mobile veterinarians will perform a series of visual and physical examinations. We start our examination by asking you questions about your dog or cat’s health, activity, water drinking, eating habits and travel.  We think nutrition is of vital importance to your pet’s growth, development, and health.  Next, we check your pet’s weight and temperature and other vital signs.   We examine your pet’s eyes, ears, teeth, heart, lungs, abdomen, skin, coat, and nails.  If we find any areas of concern, we bring those to your attention and then perform any lab work and treatment required as a result.

What are the Benefits of In-home Pet Wellness Exams?

A quality house-call veterinary service like New York’s City Pets gives both you and your pet first class treatment and examination in a familiar, comfortable, family setting. We come to you; you never have to leave home. In your home, our team does vaccinations; blood work and other tests; and treatments from our full-service medical mobile unit. When we arrive at your home, you just fill us in on what is going on with your pet, and we will do the rest.

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Manhattan’s City Pets The House Call Vets provides full wellness care and also treats a wide range of illnesses and diseases that are affecting New York pets today. Whether your dog or cat is experiencing a gastrointestinal problem, a urinary tract infection or an eye-ear-nose-throat problem, we can help. Keep your pet healthy and happy at home with an in-home wellness checkup today. Give City Pets The House Call Vets a call at (212) 581-7387, and schedule your dog or cat’s in-home pet exam.

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