Common Winter Skin and Fur Conditions

Although dry skin can be a problem for animals at any time of the year, the winter cold can create even more skin problems. Exposure to dry winter weather coupled with reduced indoor humidity can create or make worse a pet’s dry, itchy skin. City Pets, a veterinary house call practice serving the Manhattan area of New York City by offering in-home visits, explains some common skin and fur conditions that dogs and cats may suffer from during the wintertime.

Dry Skin and Dandruff

Dry skin is a common condition for humans and animals to suffer when the weather turns cold.  Just like humans, the water content of the outermost layer of skin in animals, called the epidermis, reflects the level of humidity around it, which is lower in Winter.  That dry, cold weather and low humidity combines with heat in our homes will dehydrate the skin even more, which can cause dandruff and may make pets feel itchy.

Contact Dermatitis

During the Winter, salt is placed on sidewalks, driveways, streets and other surfaces to prevent ice formation and to melt ice after its formation.  Unfortunately, when dogs come into direct contact with the salt and salty water, it irritates the skin of their foot pads.  This condition is condition is called contact dermatitis.  Paws can become very painful and veterinary care may be required as a result. City Pets’ house call veterinary service is an ideal way to treat this condition in the comfort of a pet’s home.

Parasitic Infections

Many pet owners believe that parasitic infections aren’t a problem during the winter.   But some parasites — like mites and fleas — can still be present on the skin during the Winter. They can be picked up during the warmer seasons, and when left untreated these parasites can remain in the home environment and cause problems for pets during the colder weather. Parasites spread from one pet to another, as well, which can lead to a whole-home infestation, which is why treatment by a veterinarian is critical.

City Pets’ NY Veterinarians Provide House Calls

City Pets makes in-home visits throughout Manhattan. If you believe your pet has developed a fur or skin condition this winter, reach out to us at 212-581-7387 to schedule an in-office or in-home appointment.

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