Diabetic Awareness Month

Diabetes Awareness in Pets

Diabetes is a serious health concern for pets and early diagnosis is necessary for treatment and management. Diabetes means the pet does have enough insulin which is required for blood sugar to feed the cells. Without insulin replacement a diabetic pet will get very sick. Early diagnosis and treatment are important. If your cat or dog is experiencing increased water drinking and increased urination, which are classic symptoms of this disease, please call our team at City Pets in New York, NY. City Pets can perform an examination, take blood and urine samples in your home and create a treatment plan that will help your pets live a healthier life. To learn more about diabetes and how you can manage this disease if it is diagnosed in your pet, keep reading below.

Understanding the Importance of Diabetes Awareness for Your Pet

Diabetes awareness is crucial when it comes to your pet’s help, as it helps you identify any early signs and symptoms of the disease. Changes in your pet’s water drinking, appetite and urination are indicators that something may be wrong and an easy blood test can determine if it is diabetes. Animals with diabetes have insufficient insulin which is required to properly process blood sugar. Diabetic pets have very high blood sugar levels but very low levels inside the cells where sugar is needed for cellular function. Early detection allows for prompt treatment so that the disease can be controlled. In addition to medication, diabetes is managed with a healthy diet and daily exercise.

What Does Diabetes Management Involve?

Diabetes management for pets will include insulin injections, diet control and exercise. Regular veterinary check-ups which will include blood sugar monitoring are needed to fine tune treatment. Our team of experienced veterinarians will work with you to develop a personalized management plan that is based on your pet’s condition. Whether your pet is newly diagnosed or has been living with diabetes for a while, our veterinarians will ensure they receive the best possible care.

The Benefits of Proper Diabetes Management for Your Pet

In addition to managing the disease diabetes, proper pet care offers many other benefits. Improved overall health such as supporting a proper immune system, controlling dental disease and staying current on all vaccinations will help your pet with diabetes.

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