Parasite Prevention and Treatment

At City Pets, our veterinarian in Manhattan offers house calls and veterinary services in NYC that make in-home vet care more convenient than ever. For important veterinary care services like parasite prevention and treatment, you can rely on our team of vet professionals to give your four-footed family member the care they deserve in the place where they feel most comfortable. 

parasite prevention

Why Is Parasite Prevention and Treatment Important?

From heartworms to fleas to hookworms, we can help you prevent and treat parasitic infections so your beloved pet can enjoy a healthy, happy life. While parasites are common in pets, they can cause short-term and long-term health issues if left untreated, such as skin irritation, anemia, and more. 

If you notice that your pet is experiencing a change in eating habits, water intake, defecation, urination, or routine, it may be time to schedule an appointment with the vet. You should also regularly inspect your pet's coat for signs of parasites, such as eggs or larvae and bite marks on their skin. 

Rather than waiting until there is a parasite problem in your pet, we recommend getting preventative care before the issue starts. From topical flea treatments to treated collars, several popular options for parasite prevention are simple, safe, and effective for your pet. Our team would be happy to review these options with you during a home visit or visit to our office.

How a Home Visit Can Help

If we suspect your pet may have parasites causing health issues, we may need to draw blood or take a sample of their urine or feces. Sometimes, these procedures can be distressing for your pet, even if they are important to perform and routine.

When your pet struggles with vet anxiety, performing these procedures in a place that feels comfortable and familiar to your pet can make all the difference. That is why we are proud to offer in-home vet care as an option for a range of treatments and types of visits. Instead of packing your pet into the carrier, you can sit back and get in some extra snuggles before our team arrives for your appointment. Once we arrive, we will ensure the exam is as easy and comfortable on your pet as possible. When you use our in-home vet care services, you can rest assured that we'll provide the high quality of care found in vet offices.

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