Nutritional Counseling

Many factors affect your pet's health and well-being, but nutrition is the most important one that you control.   Choosing the right high-quality food for your pet has an enormous impact on the quality and maybe even the longevity she or he enjoys. At City Pets Vets® the House Call Vets, we know that pet nutrition is not a one-size-fits-all concept and so we provide individualized pet nutritional counseling for both dogs and cats in order to help you give your pet the nutrition needed to live a long, healthy life.

Pet Nutritional Counseling

Benefits of Proper Pet Nutrition

Feeding pets the right food will make them happy and energetic, but that's just the start. The correct nutritional blend for your animals will provide them with a long list of other health benefits, including:

    • Strengthened immunity and help with disease prevention;
    • Better digestion and waste elimination;
    • Toned muscles and peak body condition;
    • Healthy skin and silky fur;
    • Better dental health, which provides better full-system health.

City Pets Vets® Veterinarians Consider Many Factors When Counseling about Nutrition

Choosing the right pet food isn't just a matter of finding one that tastes good. There is a wide range of food options available for both dogs and cats, and so picking through various available manufacturers and diets can be frustrating, if not difficult. City Pets Vets® will help you make the best possible nutritional choice for your pet, taking many factors into account when deciding on the right food, the amount and frequency, including for example, the breed; the size and weight of your pet; the age, activity level and lifestyle; whether a female is  pregnant or may become pregnant; and whether there are  any allergies or other medical conditions. Further, City Pets Vets® is aware of the better food manufacturers and can provide advice on what labels to buy, as well as about home-prepared diets, the pros and cons of grain-free diets, macro/micro diets and more.

Nutritional Information and Training

Once we've helped you to decide which food to give your pet, we’ll show you the right way to switch your pet to a new food without causing stomach upset. We can talk about dietary supplements and if they're needed. And we will give you information on optimal feeding schedules; devising feeding strategies if you have multiple pets with different nutritional needs; and information on the concept of food rotation if that's warranted. Because nutrition is so important to the health of your pet, all of these issues need to be considered to get it right.

Contact Our New York City Veterinary Office for Nutrition Help for Your Pet: (212) 581-7387(PETS)

Our office is unique in that instead of taking your pet to a veterinary office or hospital,  City Pets Vets® the House Call Vets come to your home for a more convenient, personal and relaxed veterinary visit. Choosing the right nutritional pet food begins with a pet wellness exam, and that's where we'll start with your dog or cat. Call us at (212) 581-7387 to arrange an appointment with our mobile veterinary service, Manhattan’s best. 

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